Day Zero with Love

What’s being seen now isn’t a Bad thing… Well, yes its terrible. So. So. Terrible… but that’s beyond the scope of changing right now. What I will observe however, isn’t a country losing its mind, its a world that’s bucking at the notion that the United States president’s role is actually that of “Leader of the free world.”
For so long as an American, or rather someone who’s spent the just around 97% of my life time somewhere within, I’ve taken advantage of the notion that being here it just was what it was, and but everywhere but here, got “this” because some world wars happened and everyone fell in line to the notion that world was no longer the particular nations/state cultures occupied, but collective psyches linked by but a tendril of globalization.
Problem is for the most part those living in the US had a choice about how to feel about the world, but the world didn’t. Our Leader, the most powerful single point on a global map of sovereignty, regardless of military might. The economy they are tasked with, consumes at a rate fueling the rest of the worlds absorption of it, and attempts to replicate it.
But they didn’t have a choice, they were just shown what they had to reach for and they started reaching for it. While the US slowed in progress, everyone else started surpassing it, including those who defined so much of what they US stood for. So they reached and reached, but with the encumbrance of the fact that they weren’t the few who had a voice heard beyond the hearts of of legitimacy.
So what we’re seeing now isn’t a Bad thing. What we’re seeing is social survivalism, every group with enough of a soap box and grievance towards diversification of a singular Human identity into, something more primitive, but also a step back from the notion that the US has sovereignty over pretty much anything that happens on this big old rock.
Yes, whats going to happen here will not be easy, especially for myself and everyone I love, no matter their place in the world. But it might, just might, give the right (conscious) people the kick in the ass they need to drop the constraints of this rigidly classist world as their limiting factor and see that its officially open season to take the reigns of their own destiny, since Lo’ there no longer exists the leader of a the free world but the leader of the free world that would rather trade it for a time when we really did believe in the health effects of cigarettes
The fear for what will come next was inevitable, but I’ve had this fear since the rallying cry of the modern western (white) world became, “blame the other!”
But I mean shit I’d be lying if there wasn’t just an extra shmear of panic at the prospect of what really comes next. Do we go further and further into it? Into the machinations of how we’re different and who’s better? or do we take all the false hope and idealism we were all told as chidlren an adults, and finally fucking put it to good use?
Do we finally take that step forward into what matters, because we can’t do enough in a day after the hours and hours we destroy our selves at jobs we took to keep us stable in this machine? Do we finally look at the machine and say: “you can pay me, but I’m going to work with other parts of other machines and collectively make sure they machines aren’t as oiled as they once were?”
Wherein we as a collective can say we want better for everyone even the ones who would do us harm? Where we can forgive them, but never forget what made them in the first place? Where we can finally look ourselves in the mirror and say: “Hey, the worlds not okay, but I am, so who can i help today?”
Do we want to live in a world where we just complain about the madness but allow the distractions and comforts of modernity, to strip even the most bare of comforts for the future?
I’m gonna say how about we not. How about we accept that the Us v Them thought processes that have been so prevalent, and work in the service of loving the ones who matter. Leaving hate, where it belongs with the fear and panic of the ego.
How about we look at the what we do with our days, and fill them with and answering the the questions of:”What world do we want 10 years from now?”
Still worried about death and the scarcity of resources that plague our pale blue dot? Do something that isn’t “leaving” it to the politicians or someone else, if you see something, do something. Help out your neighbors no matter how much they threaten to call the cops cause their driveway is also their driveway and they always want access, it’ll just make it worse unless we break the cycle of reacting.

Respond to what’s before you with a clear head about what you want, hopefully its love for everything and everyone even if in the end they’ll isolate you. Don’t let the fear win or lose, let it be and observe what really matters, its triumph or our triumph over it.
Yea, the United States president is well… Him. But the schisms of the world just deepened, and maybe, it’ll teach us to remember that all we have are each other, and if we let the monologues of the media dictate our movements, the dialogues that need to happen will always been superficial.

No go, do something for the sake of love, vent your frustrations by putting it into something that matters. Your social media posts will be seen and liked and reposted, but all they’ll do is echo in the vast chamber of the internet. So make your posts, as I am now and remember this is the beginning of the future, how it turns out is up to us, not the people with the red and blue ties, and flag pins.

I love you all, go in peace.

The Earthquakes of Trampolines.

The Bissy Backson’s are getting to me. They seem to know that the way is not their way and so they don’t want to let anyone, who also knows the way, go about said way. It really is a silly means of doing things, since no one can go anywhere, no one can find anything. 

Like looking at the world through a backwards telescope, wondering how one day you can get to what you see on the other side. Though its right there, its like the elephant that grew up in captivity, the chain definitely won’t hold it, but it doesn’t know any better. Locked behind this door that we keep trying pull open with all our might, ignoring the “push” hidden behind the mental blind spot. Its the relativity of it all as Einstein said, we can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, nor can we expect a wolf to serve High tea. 

We’re strapped into these parachutes, expected to jump and know where to pull. Where we land, we can’t tell, the earths curves are too expansive to see. We’re like snowflakes falling on a winters day, controlled by outside forces, each individual moving free in the storm of their own existence, reduced to water and floating away ones the dust has settled and chosen it’s own way. 

Mixed metaphors and bags full of books I won’t get a chance to read, cause time doesn’t know that Kings Cross isn’t as cool as Harry Potter made it seem. Never trying to hide the fact that we can’t dance in the moonlight, because its just the sun we can’t see, instead we dance in the candle light with the fixed gear bikes overhead. 

I saw light once all hazy and heavy, I didn’t believe it existed, it was just sitting there as if the photon’s had decided they didn’t have to move, they were on holiday and they just wanted their Mojito’s and a way to express all their heat. I chilled with them a while, they were cooler than I thought they’d be, they had great ideas, about oscillations and dreams, dreams about being small but always being bigger than anyone who said they weren’t. I like them, too bad the laws of the physical worlds woke up and told them to get back to working. 

Sometimes the sky’s cry, because they can see the world and how dreadful it can be, with their heavy hearts and ions buzzing they can’t help but lighting the sky, and scream with their thunderous roar, it doesn’t know that its doing it, its just is, and crying and throwing its tantrum, it too can’t see beyond the horizon, beyond the backwards telescopes gaze. 

The relativity of our lives are contingent on our ability to see without seeing what we want, to feel without needing to feel, to hear because we care to listening. When we forget, we start to question why its all there. We lose ourselves in the idea that we might be different than everything around us, further then the sun or the moon, and as meaningless as the speck of dust on my nose. But in really, we’re just panicking from the tremors of waking up, on the trampoline that shakes incessantly, we can only see the shaking, feel the shaking and hear the tremors uproar. If’ only we remembered, that we could get off, stare not at the latex stretched across but at the grass it sat upon, the earth below our feet the silence of the wind around us with the stability of the ground between the infinite spaces between our knees. 

So smile, Backsons, I know your game, there’s no reason to block the way, unless you wanna jump on this trampoline, just remember where you’re going to land, the earthquake might just be you.