So this is just going to be a re-post of the first post. But I’ll add a few more words, cause why the hell not?

Hi, you’re here reading this, for some unknown reason, for which I cannot congratulate you. But, I will thank you.

I am kind of a ridiculous person when one gets to know me, I have delusions of grandeur that seem to stand the test of time; I can’t seem to do a damn thing for myself but if its in the service of others, nothings stopping me; I write a lot of words that make no sense to anyone but me; I don’t share the things that I love because if feel like they’re parts of me that might go away; Notable people in history are the bane of my existence as they are the only people I find any solace in living up to; But everything I do comes back to functioning logically, and that can sometimes interfere with the whole, you know… being human part of, Being human; I’ve tried reprogramming myself so many time at this point that trying to explain what that even means at this point would just mean I didn’t do it correctly; and finally I’m pretty much mediocre at everything I do… but I can usually pass it off as exceptional by giving it “meaning”(that ones for the ones who actually read this stuff).

So thank you, for looking at this madness, and (hopefully not hacking the fucking shit out of it) I hope some of this seems interesting.

(The first post)

Long ago, in my eyes at least, a normative was imparted upon the youth of what most today call: Generation Y or better known as the “Internet baby generation.” Now this normative, though simple in its execution, has had lasting effects on the way things are deduced and perceived by the general population of today. This norm, was the simple turn of the phrase, “You can be whoever you want to,” without any caveats of hard work, or sacrifice or persistence, what the hell were we supposed to do with that?

As it turns out, we were supposed to have figured out at some point, that the phrase did come attached with the virtues of, hard work, sacrifice and persistence, but in our primitive minds (at the very least mine), got distracted with with the enticing idea that we could will our (my) selves through any situation just by being there and being present for what it entailed and preparing for it would seem pointless as there was no way to prepare for the unknown. Again, these are the reasons we prepare, to know the unknown to accept and embrace the unknown as it fits into the pantheon of what we (I) fear the most.

So with all that goobly gook typed out above, I think the best place to start would be here, at the sheer cliff of my fear, the waters of the unknown below, under the shroud of uncertainty, and possibly with a miasma of doubt clouding my perception, just about ready to jump. Ceasing with the metaphors: Welcome to Arts and Crafting for Turtles, a place where I hope to expound viewers with something new and dumb (Also known as AMAZING) every day that I can.

I’ve said something along those lines in the past… kind of a lot, which makes me think it might just be a moniker I’ve adopted as a means to convince myself starting is the hardest part. No the hard part, and in reality its not that difficult, is the sticking with it. The act of coming back, and being persistent because getting distracted happens so very easily, and so the only person i can promise is myself. Because, lets be honest… Ain’t no one reading this but me and whoever I link this to eventually so it really is a phat promise to myself. A promise that I do something everyday, and never forget how lucky my existence is (brushes with death will do that to you), because being able to just sit there and do the little instagratification exercises that i tend to indulge in on a daily basis like carbs, wheatgrass, and the occasional wander into the bad parts of the internet, just isn’t that appetizing anymore. 

So in the words of the Joker (and I’m going to reference popular culture a lot): “Here, we … GO!” 

Lets try and make a normative make sense again.


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