On: Tribalism

Young demon

I’ve read a lot about the idea of perceived individualism, and where it takes root. Funnily enough, it seems to come from the this idea that by being an “individual,” they can can intrinsically “belong” anywhere. That’s a grand assumption to make about attempting to remove yourself from the idea that you are one and yet the same as everything else. Though it is mostly true, that we are all our own intrinsic beings, we are all also part of a collective whole that then breaks itself down into more and more arbitrary parts, that don’t help in identifying anything beyond the point of face level labeling, yet we want to belong the to the shape that we think we need to. If that makes sense.

So tribalism… its not the most far fetched idea when thinking about how we usually live out our lives. Collectively attempting to do things based on the mentality that we are a part of a smaller whole that you just equate with who you think you fundamentally are. This works fantastically for those who use it NOT as their primary identity, but their primary support mechanism for being the best people they can possibly be. However that seems to get obfuscated when people associate the idea of something with someone, someone might be, and thus imbuing them with a collective reflex mechanism. That’s when people get into trouble. Genocide is a very real and very serious thing.

So what the hell is it about tribalism that i find so fascinating today? But its fascination with itself of course!

What happens when the idea of a tribe is threatened? When it collectively starts to fall in on itself, was it because people left the idea of it behind? Or maybe the collective identity was no longer the thing that gave them an identity as an individual as such was it really a tribal mentality to begin with?

Where do the questions get answered? Should they be? And what’s stopping an infinitely greater number of questions from arising from the answers if  we could ever get them answered in the first place?

So what is the turtle to do when they are removed from this idea that what they are has to instantly define who they are as turtles?

Frankly, turtles don’t give a shit. They’re content with being alive and accepting that they are what they are, and that at the end of the day, nothings gonna change that. So letting them be whatever they might be, is a perfect example of how shit just works. They need no arts and crafts to keep them occupied, they just seem content with where they are and what they’re doing. And a little bit of crisp lettuce never hurt them either.

So tribalism as interpreted by me is a general disposition we give everyone trying to “fit in” to a society that is practically screaming mixed messages about the validity of such a concept. We can’t accept anything that doesn’t make sense socially, but we make sure to incorporate it into the culture because it is the opposite of trying to fit in but rather exclude themselves in order to stand out. If that isn’t a fucked up ideal of the way we approach tribalism then I’m definitely miss interpreting the concepts as a whole.

Potentially pretentious, this post just serves as a bit of a reminder that neither is okay with me, as both are trying to project something that doesn’t feel right. I do whatever I do because it’s just what I do, sometimes I screw up, and that’s okay with me (except when the serotonin levels drop, then it’s all my fault all the time). It’s here to remind me that the worst that can happen is regretting what could have been, or wishing something else would have happened, instantly assigning Blame to myself because my mind works in strange ways. But it can always be reminded of better.

Have a great day people. And remember, discomfort over resentment, cause who cares what your brain thinks.

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