The radical idea

Yea… I’ve posted about mostly depressing topics til this point. Which should have a once a week limit, because ain’t nobody got time for that shit. But besides that, the only thing idea that I’m bringing about is concept, that knowing what something is, is the most important. That being able to see it for what it is, is the most important part of any endeavor, something you can set your sights on and just chug along toward. Its when we forget that, or can’t find what it is that we feel like doing, things like writing about fits of depression and new ideas come about because the attempt at ideation and not sticking to one thing come about. 

This is a form of procrastination, wherein I’m seeing things as more important because they are “root issues.” Or rather ideas that seem to the be at the fundamental core of where the ideas should come from. The dark places, the downfalls, the mind-numbing apathy, these are all places i think the ideas come from and live in, so why not start there?

Because I did, and It seems these are decent pointers towards seeing what shouldn’t be done. Taking the darkness and showing it to everyone in the dark, because that’s where it ends up coming from, at least from what i can understand (this shit ain’t easy). Meaning I’m trying to put out there what I already know and feel deeply, which I sought not to do with this. As such we need to take it all back, back to the beginning of nothing everything. Where nothing was as it wasn’t and it wasn’t confused with what it would be. 

We’re going back to the darkness, but the real darkness, the unknown, the maisma of reality and not the maelstrom of my mind, which, lets be honest, people would only want to know about once there are things that need to be related back to, like why a certain idea came about. But that’s already giving away too much.


So… Radical idea, more like refocus idea. Adjust lenses to appropriate focal length buy sheering down the glasses of perception. Here we go again. 

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