Bored and Untitled

God Rays

Breh… God Rays

Day by day everything gets a little softer, a little more tense along the places it needs to.

Day by day the compulsions shrink from the eerie ad infinitum to manageable chunks of memory that feel like they can fade, but don’t anyway.

Day by day belief systems broken down by feeds of idiocy and armchair activism voices cry out to be heard, not to convey a message.

Day by day the approaching apocalypse seems farther farther from the fantasy of Hollywood’s minds eye, swirling storms and free will.

Day by day think about the future of yesterday, the past of tomorrow and the emptiness of today without the aural light to remind of its worth.

Day by day the unfortunate phone call that never seems to come, the one remind of the days that will never come.

Day by day organizing the clueless and the lost, only to realize the map was written not to find, but explore.

Day by day finding meaning in the ocean of people too blind to themselves, they see with others eyes.

Day by day the memories fade as the words drip across the pages of the pensive that is the Moleskine that holds it all in time.

Day by day the talkies of the past seem more and more relevant to the scourges of the modern predicament, childhood where dreams are built from the past.

Day by day realizing the dream was always real, the nightmare, well that was pretending it wasn’t.

Day by day the arguments for leaving everything as they are, more justifiable in their claims to cleanse the old wounds, no scabs to pick.

Day by day, waking up without remorse from those killed from apathy and shame, we were meant for the stars but we try so hard to blot them out.

Day by day things change but stay the same as their orbits can’t be broken, without the normalcy how can it be?

Day by day realizing it was never a fluke, never a mistake, bringing to the forefront the love that doesn’t show itself much.

Day by day listening to the noise of those who’d live off its likes and listens as men which conviction only can, rehashing the void they’d try and fill.

Day by day hummus and crackers don’t stop the return, the maisma of silliness and ridiculousness.

Day by day the thoughts don’t want to leave, comfortable in confidence that the feelings were always real, so why not build.

Day by day forgetting the joke of existing is that is all funny, how else would would economics exist?

Day by day going through the oscillation of waves, vibrating on the air, suffocating the stagnation.

Day by day finding the light as it hops along the petals of the flowers among

the coronation of the divine machinations.

Day by day the details don’t fade as eyelids only obscure the photons not the projections of the eternal.

Day by day blindly walking off a ferry into waters below, someone will come through, they’ll want to see what the seaweed looks like in June.

Day by day falling in and out, the jerking motion inducing soul sickness through contented resistance, its just supposed to.

Day by day stopping for nothing turning around to say hi to the model hiding under the baseball cap, “you’re too pretty for that.”

Day by day chipping away at the slow clap that feels to fast to exact the revenge of the new sound, watch it lay in gutter drowning in the flood of drown.

Day by day knowing as the Canadians used to say “Ferrr surrrrrre” that will would add itself into the memories of trying and fucking up.

Day by day beard grows longer, waiting, when will cover enough to obscure the reality of its seriousness.

Day by day the longing, erodes the nexus of patience and accepting, no alchemist can stop the change now.

Day by day knowing none of it is meant to be, though the fact that it was still reminds, that what was, was.

Day by day looking in your eyes, all of them, reminded of the impossibility of being alone, a reality for those eyes bright and wide to see.

Day by day sticking words next to one another deciding they’re never good enough but pulling them all out just the same.

Day by day rolling the mind to mush under the pressure of balancing paper over a flame too strong to tame.

Day by day reading the play for today, move to the right you say?

Did that yesterday, how about something new today?

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