Lets get weird.

Generally I am a proponent of getting weird with whatever it is one does, in order to appreciate what it truly means to them outside of the realm of social acceptability. So when say something like, “Lets get weird” on the title of posts it just to filter it out in my head that that this might actually be strange to people, particularly those attached to decent written articulation of language, cause lets be frank my own stabs at self deprecation to remind myself that my skills might be lacking and I should work to improve them. So yes, i know it there, and yes, I will work to improve it. So now that i’ve acknowledged its existence. I’m going to list three idea’s here and do something with each, this week. Let’s see if the format sticks. 

(Yes, that was all written to remind me of something people will hate already.)


1. Write a story about losing to time.

2. Sound track said story. 

3. Find the new sound. (Yes, I’m still looking for it)

That’s it, I’m afraid of self criticism because I literally hurt my own feelings, so I’ll do it to myself publicly where people can potentially see. 

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